Our Mission

My mission is build up the automotive enthusiast community and help foster the passion by bringing new people into the community. I want to SAVE CAR CULTURE! Fostering the passion by building a network of enthusiast, a network of support for the exchange of ideas, information, parts, knowledge, life experience, project cars and good times. Not every person may have the money, the shop space, the time, or knowledge but; they can still participate, contribute and grow a passion for the hobby. I want to work everyone I can and help them understand cars, I want them to have the same fiery passion I possess !

My main goal is not a business, but a community. I want to share my own knowledge and experience, while reinvesting in the tools, equipment, parts and projects that make it possible. I will always charge fairly and do the best work I am capable of! I want to see your project out on the road, I want you to enjoy your project while growing the passion. I will keep my best foot forward and strive to help in anyway I can. Whether it be knowledge, research, or even shop space, time and tools. I am here to revive car culture.